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Re: And Takei Fires Back!

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<font color=yellow>George Takei</font> responds to <font color=yellow>William Shatner's</font> attack in which Shatner called him "sick" and claimed that he had a "psychosis." <p>As reported by <A class="link" HREF=""></A>, Takei is quite capable of tossing the insults back at his former co-worker. "Bill likes to be the star of the show," said Takei. "He likes the attention focused on him. It's a big, shiny, demanding ego. It's all typical of Bill. His ranting and raving is just silliness."<p>And Shatner had been invited to the wedding, with Takei saying so publicly prior to the ceremony, says <font color=yellow>Damon Romine</font> of the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD). "In June, when George Takei and Brad Altman received their license to marry, there was media speculation that Mr. Shatner would not be invited to the wedding, yet invitations had not been sent out at that time," explained Romine. "On July 21, after the invitations had been mailed, Mr. Takei and Mr. Altman were interviewed on TV Guide Channel's 'Watercooler' program and Mr. Takei first broke the 'exclusive' news: 'Most of the invitations have been sent out, and Bill is amongst them.'<p>In spite of the recent unpleasantness, Takei hopes that Shatner will put aside his grievances with Takei and support gay marriage rights in California. "It is our hope that at this point he joins us in voting 'no' on Proposition 8, which seeks to eliminate the fundamental right for same-sex couples to marry in California," Takei said.<p>To read more, head to the article located <A class="link" HREF="">here</A>.<center></center>
George is a perfect fit for Sulu, but he's such a weirdo. Get over it already. It's 40 years ago!

**and don't expect Shat to show up for your latest invite either.....
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