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Re: HEROES 3x06 "Dying of the Light" Discuss and Grade

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I have kinda a dumb question from a show that shows no consistency with how powers work, but I ask it anyway.

We're to assume aging is just like any other physical affliction, which healers like Claire and Adam can just shrug off.

Stealing Adam's power causes the effects of aging to finally show on him.

Wouldn't stealing Peter's power cause the effects of his head-impaling to finally catch up with him? Why wouldn't he die just like Adam did?

It was a cool death scene, but logically I think it'd make more sense for Adam to have just not been able withstand new injuries and age normally, rather than have the effects of his healing suddenly undone.

My wording here is off but I think what I'm saying makes sense.

i think it makes sense....but are we 100% sure that Adam aged because he was robbed of his healing powers?

Or could it be this: Adam lost his healing powers, making him vulnerable to ANY destructive power. In this case, Arthur Petrelli thought it would be ironic if he used the power of accelerated aging (or a power that turns things to ashes). And with no way to heal -- poof! he's gone! (as opposed to Claire & the nuclear man).

After all, Arthur has several powers to's just difficult to use some of them (or basic bodily functions). But certainly he must have some other power to keep Senior Parkman scared of/obedient to Senior Petrelli!
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