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Re: I have an idea for a Star Trek Novel!

Frankly, my first question would be-do you have an agent? Second would be-don't discuss details of your story on a public forum-the liability factor could squelch a deal that might otherwise be accepted. Third-do it all yourself. The only way Marco or any other editor would invest the effort in your story would be if they believed you were reliable enough to follow through under a deadline. Fourth-try to land a few semi-pro to pro writing assignments so you aren't just going to an editor/publisher with your ST story-you'll also be bringing some credentials to the table. Oh, and suck up to Terrio, Krad and the other writers. As long as you don't blurt out story ideas in their (online) presence they can give helpful advice. And they love flattery! Good luck!
(Applauds like mad) Right on! Right on! Right on!!!

Especially that last point....
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