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Re: Star Trek: Destiny: Mere Mortals - SPOILER Thread

GWAAAH! Crazy awesome!

Loved this book quite a bit, and very a lot. Ferd, I'm gonna have to disagree with you... I thought the Erika Hernandez flashbacks were amazing. I found myself really getting lost in her story, and the monotonous despair of Erika's situation really got to me. I felt *very* uncomfortable reading about the final plight of Sidra especially, and the choices that were made leading up to it, but all of the deaths and character evolution in this section hit me hard. David did a great job of making these characters very real, and very important to me as a reader. As they dropped off for their various reasons, the emotional weight of the situations was very clear.

And there were so many 'Gee Willikers, that's cool' moments as well. Erika gaining her powers, the gradual reveal of all the subspace tunnels, the growing relationship between Erika and Inyx... (it should be fairly clear which of the threads I enjoyed the most, methinks).

And the action... the action! The hirogen battles, the borg battle at the beginning... so cool. I was petrified that Choudhoury or Kadohata would bite the dirt...

And the politics!!! After book 1, I was thinkin "Well, that was a nice Bacco cameo. Too bad there wasn't more meat to it." Well, here was the meat. And seasoned to perfection. The Cardassian ambassador came as a complete shock to me. What a delightful surprise that was. Watching the political ballet unfold was a real treat.

I really enjoyed Book 1 of Destiny... and it had a pretty great cliffhanger, with the crew of Titan running into Erika... but it had nothing on this one. 7,400. That's... scary. That's really scary. I can't wait to find out what happens next.
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