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Re: Welcome new Voyager fans!

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Hola. I actually was a member here for a good while, but apparently my account was deleted.

Oh well!
Did you ask T'Bonz or one of the admins about it? I could look into it for you if you give me your old name.
Well, it was spoon, I think. My old welcome post still exists, but the name on it is "guest."

I'm not too worried about.

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Did you have the same name?

Ununseptium (IPA: /ˌjuːnʌnˈsɛptiəm/) is the temporary name of an undiscovered chemical element in the periodic table that has the temporary symbol Uus and has the atomic number 117. Ununseptium can be referred to as eka-astatine.

And I still don't know what it is any more than 5 minutes ago.

So I take it you're a technobabble freak?

Nah. But I am admirably proficient at the art of prolific descriptions divulging overextensively elaborated facts pertaining to relatively minor instances. :-)

and, you win.
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