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Re: HULK....SMASH!!!!

M'rk, son of Mogh wrote: View Post
Yeah, but that would have REALLY cheapened the movie. Having Iron Man come in and save the day in a movie called "The Incredible Hulk"?? Yeah, in an Avengers movie, maybe, or for an earlier fight. Not a final fight and not as a cameo. Thematically and dramatically BAD idea.
Definitely. But it could have been a cool cameo if he'd swooped down in full armor after the battle to take custody of the Abomination on behalf of SHIELD.

Temis the Menace wrote: View Post
I never saw the Ang Lee version (as a Hulk fan from waaay back, I didn't want to look at it )
You should check it out--especially if, as I gather, you're a fan of the comics version. The new movie may have had more action in quantity, but the quality was off. The Ang Lee film has an excellent, classic battle with the military in the desert, buried deep into the film though it is. And of course, Ang Lee's Hulk retained the ability to leap great distances. In the new film, the Hulk just spent way too much time smashing up cars.
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