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Re: How could they evac Pegasus?

Haven't seen Razor yet, so can't comment on that part (I'm a couple episodes into Season 4). As for the rest, it was HEAVILY implied, if not stated outright, that networked computers and wireless connections were things taken advantage of by the Cylons, which is why Adama wouldn't even allow a network of teaching computers on when it was turning into a museum. Galactica, operated during the war, reflects that. The newer class of battlestars was built later on, after the cylons disappeared, and seemed to get away from a lot of that (from some of what we saw), so I'd have thought more vulernable to that.

Same problem with the Vipers aboard Pegasus. Makes sense that Pegasus may have avoided the computer upgrade, but not that it would have been skipped on the Vipers as well. Many if not all of them would have been updated during the spare time they had in dock while the ship was down being upgraded. Hell, even the Galactica managed to have their new vipers all updated, and they were on their way to be decommed. Only the museum pieces were unaffected...
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