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Re: Graphic Novelizations of Trek Novels

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Okay, Drew, you've talked a lot about what's the wrong attitude for a novelist wanting to get into comics, so what's the right attitude, the right approach? There's limited value in knocking something down unless you have something better to offer in its place. How does a novelist who has a sincere respect for the comics medium and a sincere desire to participate in the field go about earning that opportunity?
C'mon, Christopher, do you really need this explained to you?
I'm just trying to turn the conversation in a more constructive direction. You've spelled out one side of the issue, now let's talk about the other side. And yes, I would like to know. I'm not one of those alleged dilettantes you're going to such great lengths to condemn. I genuinely do want to get into comics, and that's why I'm asking.

For instance, when you talk about drafting sample pages, what should they be? If someone's trying, specifically, to get into writing Trek comics, should they write sample pages of a Trek comic? Or should they be of some other extant comic, or an original creation? You also mention writers' groups; where does one find a writers' group for comics writing?
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