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Re: I have an idea for a Star Trek Novel!

"Star Trek: --------------"

25th Century Alpha Quadrant. A Dyson Sphere appears suddenly without explanation or hails to neighboring ships. The sphere's hatches open while hundreds of small pod-craft leave the shell of the Sphere and begin firing, taking out several Klingon & Starfleet ships assisting Cardassia Prime to rebuild following the Jem Hadar bombardment. The Starfleet-Klingon convoy cannot track & lock onto that many targets & destroy them simultaneously, leaving the convoy decimated. The podcraft begin to maneuver into landing patterns on Cardassia.

31st Century Starfleet

"Chef" Daniels notices the Temporal Incursion & signals for an agent to correct the 'oversight'.

29th Century Starfleet

Captain Braddox of the Temporal Vessel Relativity notices the breach & diverts course to intercept.
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