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Re: Graphic Novelizations of Trek Novels

^^Well, to be fair, I think comics scripts and screenplays have more in common than prose has with either of them, since they're both meant to be blueprints for stories that are told as a mix of words and images, whereas a work of prose is a complete, final product in itself where the entire story is told through words. They can be very different disciplines. It's often hard, for instance, for TV/film writers to do first-time novels. Look at Roddenberry's rather awkward novelization of ST:TMP. It can be hard for screenwriters, who are used to writing externalized accounts dominated by only two senses, sight and hearing, to adapt to writing prose that gets into the characters' inner thoughts, stays focused within a single subjective viewpoint rather than an omniscient one, and encompasses all the senses in its descriptions. Conversely, I'm sure that a lot of prose authors have trouble adapting to the more visual focus and limitations of screen or comics storytelling. For instance, one of the key aspects of comics storytelling is that the story is told in snapshots; you can't depict an ongoing process in detail, but have to pick the key moment that lets you convey that whole process with a single image. It's a different kind of pacing and storytelling style that has to be learned.
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