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Re: Hayden class scout

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It's a small crew yeah, I thought it was 30 or so...

I know the impulse engines are big, but that eh [treknobabble] has got something to do with the hyper impulse package [/treknobabble] I have someone who makes my treknobabble and he said that the big impulse engines are good

That would be me. You still have the technbabble I wrote about engines? I think it's on the other laptop if you need it again.

More or less Starfleet developed a way around the relativistic issues with this class. I don't remember the babble off my head but this class can cruise at a speed leaves nearly everything else dealing with relativity and its effects

The warp core while being a matter-antimatter reactor operates on a specialized rapid response "minimal-inventory" load curve, responding to rapid changes in power demand rather than storing a reserve for load changes. IMHO this would make the reactor safer as there isn't a massive charge of fuel to burn through in an emergancy and you can simply flick a switch and ZOMG the core is shut down. The impulse fusion reactors play a role in this novel power-generation scheme by being oversized, they don't just power the impulse engines, they are called upon to provide a surge in the even there is a dely in bringing the warp-core up to full output.
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