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Re: I have an idea for a Star Trek Novel!

Well, a good start would be first, watching TMP, and learning what you can from that of the refit... also, Mr. Scott's Guide to the Enterprise is a great resource on the refit Enterprise.

As for what time travel element would be interesting, hehe... that is something YOU as the principal author must determine... you MUST, and I cannot emphasize this enough... you MUST have the basic plot outline for the entire story down pat, before you even begin to write anything.

That's it, for starters.

I have had the stories firmly set for ALL of my own fics:

-Star Trek: Entomalians
-Star Trek: A New Beginning
-Star Trek: United We Stand
-Star Trek: Distant Star - "Waking Nightmares"
-Battlestar Urantia
-Shades of Gray

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