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Re: Favorite Current TV Shows

Also, My Own Worst Enemy. I got to thinking about it and it makes no sense to have an agent with a split personality to begin with. Who thinks up these lame plots?

If you're going to watch that one, you can't afford to let yourself think. I'll stick with it for a while just to see where the Edward vs. Henry thing goes. At least they're getting right to it.

You know how this plot would make sense? If Edward were an enemy agent. Then having Henry be unwitting cover would be smart - the Manchurian Candidate idea - but Henry should be in a position of more power. Also, Henry waking up should have resulted in his immediate death if anyone were on to him.

Here's how you revamp the idea so it works. Edward is working for a foreign government. Henry is in a sensitive job that makes him a huge security risk because Edward now has access to everything he does. He and his handlers have no idea Henry is now aware of the situation. Henry is keeping it quiet because he realizes Edward et al would kill him if they knew.

They could even keep the idea that Henry is the fake personality. Now he realizes that his loyalties, patriotism and even his love for his family are simply manufactured. Does that mean they are fake? Does it make sense to fight Edward & pals if he thinks that? The people he is fighting made him feel certain ways.

And I wouldn't keep it an open question, I'd provide proof to Henry that yes indeed, he is the fake personality. Also, it's possible he could get Edward to be his ally if it were impossible to kill Henry without also killing Edward.
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