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Re: Favorite Current TV Shows

Isn't Eleventh Hour a stinker? I can't stand the blond's 'tude. Also, My Own Worst Enemy. I got to thinking about it and it makes no sense to have an agent with a split personality to begin with. Who thinks up these lame plots?

T:TSCC seems pretty good.
The Unit has still got me hooked as does CSI (Vegas, not Maimi, maybe NY)
Criminal Intent (with Eames and Goren)
Fringe is all right, but it's no LOST.
Smallville is winding down. I get so aggravated that they don't let Supe become Supe and fly.
I like the pace of The Mentalist.
But this season of Heroes has left me cold.
Life On Mars has proved interesting so far.
Prison Break had me from the beginning, but they need to wrap it up.
Life is a yawner.

Wish they hadn't cancelled Journeyman

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