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Re: Bridge Layout guess

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This sketch is based off of the bridge shot with the captain's chair and the group shot in front of the viewer:

Before anyone says it, yes this is about 75% assumption. I assume the bridge is perfectly symmetrical, for example. I assume there's nothing special just off camera. The proportions, size, and positions are all very loose guesstimations. I assume the nav/helm consol is just a bigger version of that podium since it's not in any shot.

EDIT: This is also slightly oval: 20ft radius on the fwd axis, 22ft radius on the prt/stbd axis.

So...what'd you think?

Two turbolifts, then?

Yes. This is definitely a visual canon reboot even if the storyline and timeline are meant to tie into the rest of the established TREK universe since "The Cage." I no longer have any doubts.
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