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Star Trek: Sigils and Unions--Mathenite species design

This is a species design for Star Trek: Sigils and Unions, my fanfic work.

Petty Officer (1st class) Te-Mae-Do represents the Mathenite species, an ordinarily neutral world mentioned in the DS9 episode "Ties of Blood and Water," but never seen. I thought it would be interesting to make them a more unusual species than those typically seen on the series. So, I gave a vague description of the Mathenites as quadrupedal in my short story, "A Weaver of Lives" (posthumous editorial tribute to Tekeny Ghemor), but here's a lot more detail.

The average Mathenite is similar in size to a greyhound. The forepaws are really fists--similar to a gorilla, they walk on padded knuckles. The stubby, clawed fingers of the forepaws are good for basic grasping work (such as to grasp a bone), but serve little for more delicate work. Instead, the prehensile tail, which in more primitive days was used in whiplike fashion as a weapon against larger predators, is used to grasp tools for more subtle work.

Typical Mathenites have sleek, greyish-hued fur with shades of lavender or blue being visible. In the rare cases when they serve in Starfleet, rank and department is indicated on a "bandanna" worn around the neck. The communicator is worn around the wrist (though in this case, Te-Mae-Do wears a Cardassian model, which you'd have to read The Thirteenth Order for the reason behind). Weapons are used with the tail.
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