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Re: What ever became of the BORG Baby...

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"All right," said Captain Janeway as she glared around the briefing room. "WHERE has it gone?"

The senior officers of the USS Voyager shifted in their seats and looked generally uncomfortable. Chakotay pretended to be engrossed in last night's sensor logs. B'Elanna Torres appeared to find the surface of the table particularly intriguing.

As usual when no one else spoke up it fell to Harry Kim to be the one foolish enough to do so.

"There's a number of possibilities Captain," he said. "It might be a fault in the internal sensor array. I mean, Voyager's a big ship. It could just be...crawling around somewhere."

Captain Janeway turned a cold look on the young ensign. "Just...crawling around somewhere," she said, her voice the quiet whisper of the grave.

Harry developed a sudden fascination with the contents of his padd.

"WAKE UP PEOPLE!" shouted Janeway, making them all jump. "We took a big risk bringing that Borg baby onto this ship, and now you're telling me it's gone missing? That no one has seen it in more than a YEAR? I want answers!"

"Maybe the little tyke's got its own built-in cloaking device," quipped Paris. "After all, it is the next generation of Borg drone!"

"It's possible that the subunit in question was pulled into a subspace whirlpool," said Seven of Nine.

"A subspace what?" asked Chakotay.

"A subspace whirlpool," said Janeway, looking grim. "I got caught in one just before I was assigned to Voyager. Nasty business; it sucked all my hair up onto the top of my head. Took me three years to get it down."

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