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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

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What annoys us Gooners somewhat is that Eduardo's leg was hanging on to the rest of his body by little more than skin, he nearly lost it, yet he's back in less than a year.

Tomas Rosicky, on the other hand, picked up a minor knee injury in January and hasn't been seen since.

Oh, and Spurs, it now hurts to laugh. Thanks.
It really is amazing that Eduardo's going to actually be able to walk again, let alone play football. Once I saw the injury I was convinced he would lose his foot.

Rosicky's case is a sad one, I think if he could just stay fit he'd be a great addition to the side. As cold as it sounds though, I wonder how much longer he can be allowed to sit on the sidelines before the club decides to part ways with him.
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