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Re: Favorite Current TV Shows

Chris3123 wrote: View Post
I'm counting shows that are on hiatus/between seasons

Favorites, in order, favorite first:

Doctor Who
Life On Mars
Battlestar Galactica
Law and Order: SVU
Pushing Daisies
Eli Stone
Boston Legal

I'm also watching:

American Dad
The Big Bang Theory
The Daily Show
Degrassi: The Next Generation
Family Guy
Knight Rider
The Mentalist
Robot Chicken
The Sarah Jane Adventures
The Sarah Silverman Program
The Simpsons
South Park
Stargate Atlantis
Sarah Connor Chronicles

Spot's Meow wrote: View Post
Degrassi: The Next Generation
ialfan wrote: View Post
Degrassi: The Next Generation
Good to see some fellow Degrassi fans here.
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