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Re: Graphic Novelizations of Trek Novels

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[An editor isn't going to give an assignment to someone who would be challenged by the prospect of writing an ordinary comics script. Which, you would think, should be obvious to everyone involved; and yet, somehow, isn't.
Surely every piece of professional writing should challenge the writer? I don't think writing is ever necessarily easy, but a good writer makes it look like it was easy. Comics are especially challenging. A brevity of text and the need to suggest the visuals and yet giving enough freedom to the other contributors...
Sure, I understand where you're coming from, Therin, but I think you've romanticized it a bit. Is every song a challenge for a musician? Obviously not--and in fact, were I producing a record, I wouldn't hire a pianist who was looking for a new challenge to play guitar. I'd hire a guitarist.

I'd possibly consider a pianist who was interested in taking up a new instrument, but not if he'd never once picked up a guitar and attempted to pluck a few strings. And, yet, you'd be surprised (or, maybe not) at the number of prose writers who've never even attempted to write a single panel of comic book narrative, but inherently expect that it's already part of their storytelling skill-set. Because, as I mentioned, they see it only as a spare tire to the car that they already drive.
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