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Re: Hayden class scout

Captain Intrepid, I'm glad you like it

Seccion 31, I have got no problem with that. The usual credit stuff would be enough

The renders aren't all spaced out to eachother, and as far as I can see not to scale either. Sorry for that... Just as long as you remember that this ship is very small: it's got only six decks, and that included the bridge...

Undead, what I meant to say was that the pods feed off of the PTC's that run from the core to the nacelles. In essence, the core delivers more power than the nacelles can handle. In that light, the pods feed off of the PTC directly, thus balancing the amountof power the warp coils have to handle by usingthis high energetic stream to power several sensors. I like to see this as an overclocked pod, versus a standard, say, Nebula pod. They get more energy than usual, and by doing this the sensors can operate at higher efficiencies. If needed, they canbe boosted even further, but this would burn out some sensor packages on the long run, like a CPU would live shorter if you standard hav it 500 to 1000MHz overclocked. I'm in no way a Trek expert, but I kind of like it this way ^_^
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