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I didn't see any indications that he was anything but regular U.S. Military in the film, though it's possible I missed subtler references. In the Ultimate line, Ross was both U.S. Military and head of SHIELD (in the Ultimate line, a U.S. institution), until injured in an explosion and retired from active duty. But the films are picking and choosing from across the breadth of the various comic book incarnations, and inventing some stuff of their own too. For instance, the Ultimate versions of Betty Ross and Abomination are quite unlike those from this film.
Thankfully, since there's little chance of getting Ultimate Betty over as a sympathetic character and the Abomination/Hulk fight in Ultimates 2 lasted right up until the point the Hulk ripped the guy's arms off and beat him up with them.

Of course, with Stark being the head of the US Military's biggest contractor, it's no surprise that Ross would know him. I bet a load of the weapons, especially the sonic guns, he used against the Hulk were Stark designs.
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