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Re: HULK....SMASH!!!!

Yeah Liv Tyler Cannot act worth a damn. All she can do is stand there all misty-eyed and look sad or make out with the leading man of the story...Thats about it.
Also if you watch the making of extras you can see how Norton basically tried to direct himself in the role. He's telling Lettier what he wants to do basically saying yeah Ill do it this way and not really giving Louis a chance to direct him. So I guess I can see where the story of Norton wanting to do a slightly more character driven piece over the version we got came from. I mean Norton is a good actor and all but let the director direct for christ sake...
I still prefer the 08 version tho. If the 03 version had the 08's cgi'd hulk version and a better villian for him to fight at the end I would probably like the 03 just as much...
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