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Re: Hayden class scout

Hello, !

I'm new in this forum (sorry for my english), and you (borgman) and your design are the guilty. ; )

Your ship it's very beatiful. Congratulations. (spanish: enhorabuena, has hecho un buen trabajo, original y sorprendente, mezclando y conjuntando muy bien diferentes elementos).

Eh... now... I have a web site dedicated to make vectorial startrek blueprints (with corel draw), and I would make a blueprint of your ship. I'll need diferent viewpoints of your hayden class... etc.... (my next update of my site would be with your ship).
Please contact with me, and give an answer.

thanks for your att.


(please not take this line as spam)
Note: you can visit my site for review my work, (in my profile).
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