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Re: HULK....SMASH!!!!

I never saw the Ang Lee version (as a Hulk fan from waaay back, I didn't want to look at it ) but this new version is pretty much in line with what I'd expect from the story. Edward Norton is a perfect actor for the role of Bruce (thank you, no David!) Banner - a weedy, scrawny intellectual with courage and heart to match the fiercest warrior. The best part of the movie was him hiding out in Brazil, living by hope and wits.

I was skepitcal about Liv Tyler's ability to pull off a smart Betsy Ross. Someone more along the lines of Jennifer Connoly or Hillary Swank would be the more obvious choice, but she did fine. She and Norton had real chemistry and sold the love story part of the movie.

Ole Hulky himself was a cypher for most of the story but towards the end, we got small glimpses of him having an actual personality separate from (but reflective of) Banner. Hopefully future movies will move this along and delve into his contempt of Banner and surpassing love for canned beans.

I'm not sure the CGI is quite there yet - Hulk and Abomination looked too plastic, like animated action figures - but I started to buy into Hulk as a character towards the end, when he was losing the fight and using his Banner-esque wits and courage to pull it off.

Overall, a solid beginning.
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