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Re: Star Trek: Destiny: Mere Mortals - SPOILER Thread

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I'm worried about how this is gonna end. This is just my opinion, just my own, but I am so sick of the Borg. I have a feeling this will leave me with some sense of finality, but I'm just so damned sick of them as the bad guy. And then they just bring over 7,000 ships through... I'm just shaking my head a bit. I'm not big on the whole doomsday thing so far. Skeptical about the ending.
I echo Christopher's sentiments above. The Borg really aren't in it that much. At the beginning, and at the end... but their presence is felt throughout the book in a very powerful way, and it works wonderfully. I'm not sick of the Borg, in the sense that I see this as the ultimate Borg story... and after this, we better not be seeing them for a long time (if ever... then I'd be sick of them ).

My only "concern" is about how it's going to end as well, just because I keep seeing the Caeliar (great race, too...) as having a big sign over them that says Deus Ex Machina. I chalk that up to years of being jaded by television and books as a kid that would resort to that... and I don't think David and crew would go that route. But clearly the Caeliar will play a pivotal moment in the last book (hey what happened to that third city that survived, anyway?... ). I'm deferring any kind of judgment like that until the end, though... but I am psyched for the finale.
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