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Re: ENT Forum Get To Know You Thread Pt 2

Since I live under a 'I don't do TV' rock, I did not know that ENT even existed until it was cancelled and the few Trek fans around the office were in an uproar. One office mate gave me an overview of the premise which sounded interesting, but I was doing other things.

I saw it for the first time last month as an excuse to test Amazon downloads. Enterprise hooked me instantly. Still the dialog through the first 10 eposides at times seems discontinuous, contrived or incongrouous with events and some plots have seemed deja-vu-ish. Perhaps this is an artifact of TV's one-size-fits-all programming paradigm. I like the characters and the actors that play them. Finally, I see ENT as a reasonable forecast of the evolution of humanity should certain technologies actually become available. I tell my wife that with me as her coach our 5-year-old daughter has a good chance of inventing warp drive.

My relationship to Treks:
TOS: Loved the Sunday dinnertime reruns.
TNG: Bought a fancy new Sony XBR TV in time for the premier, saw about 1/3 of the eposides.
DS9: Saw about 30 episodes.
VOY: Saw 1 episode and went 'Huh?'
MOV: Seen all IV is the favorite.

I have enjoyed reading the reviews attached to the ENT episode guide.
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