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Re: Favorite Current TV Shows

Easy for me to do this night-by-night:

Sunday - Family Guy - the last several seasons have disappointed me, but
I still tune in for the once-an-episode LMAO moment

Monday - Prison Break - pure adrenaline rush each week
- TSCC - back-to-back with Prison Break...
Tuesday - Fringe - I love the Walter-Peter relationship
- L&O:SVU - hooked on Benson/Stabler
Wednesday - Pushing Daisies - very fresh, different from anything I've ever seen on TV
Thurs - CSI - love the team - hope the show won't be too different once Fishburne starts, Grissom gone
Fri - Life - Charlie Crews is one of my favourite TV characters of all time
- Numb3rs - I love the explanations Charlie always gives, good action, plus wrap it up with warm family moments...

Don't know which night - Dexter - friend provides me with taped copies - one of my favourite shows in the last 5 years
- Lost - catching up with the first 3 seasons on Space Network - will pick up new episodes when they air
- Poker after Dark - I'm a poker junky...
- BSG - all I can say is WOW
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