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Re: Favorite Current TV Shows

I have a DVR so I never watch anything when it airs-except Life On Mars, which is fabulous, IMO.

Heroes-I'm there.
Fringe-stupid but amusing.
Sarah Connor-I WANT to love it but am afraid it will go the way of the dodo-I already got burned on Journeyman and Jericho and I don't want it to happen again.
Bones-gotta have my Bones!
Charlie Jade-has Firefly syndrome-good show, short life
Primeval-if you have BBC America, this one is worth checking out. I let it build up a few episodes then marathon it-its more fun that way
Grey's Anatomy and Desperate Housewives-like a car crash, it horrifies and yet you can't look away.
Cold Case-If you have to watch a police procedural, at least this one has an elf on it!

Did I mention Life On Mars?

Stargate Atlantis-dumb plots but good character interaction. And every once in a while you get an episode like Last Man....

As far as comedies-well, when I want to laugh I watch Sanctuary. What's that? It's supposed to be a drama? My bad.

And when the brain requires rest-House.

I forgot 2. Life, because its quirky, and Eli Stone, because its quirkier.
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