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Re: Graphic Novelizations of Trek Novels

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Hey, Marco, how would you feel about doing comic book versions of Trek novels? I was thinking on the train today about how I wish I could *see* various characters, places, starships, aliens species, space battles, and events from so many Star Trek novels...from the first TOS ones to the Destiny trilogy. I remembered how Ashes of Eden was released in comic form at the same time as novel, and I enjoyed seeing a novel come to life visually. Ditto the Timothy Zahn Thrawn trilogy, Shadows of the Empire, others. It'd be quite an undertaking I imagine, with securing legal rights and finding the right people to do the adaptations, but I think it could be real special.

I'd love to see Orion's Hounds, Serpents Among the Ruins, Dark Mirror, Vendetta, Federation, The Final Reflection, Pathways, and the entire Rihannsu quintet illustrated, just to name a few!

Although my favorite novel covers don't have this, I'm one of those people who get a special kick out of those where you get to see some of the new characters within - thinking especially of the DS9R and Titan books.
I really, genuinely love the fact that people want to see more comics produced for their favorite prose stories. But, I'd really love it even more if people stopped thinking of comics as a spare tire for prose storytelling.

It's great that you want to see your favorite books adapted, but there have been countless outstanding Trek comic stories produced over the years (and, just like the prose stories, some clunkers too); and there'll be countless great comics stories produced in years to come. Likewise, I understand the appeal of wanting to see Trek comics from some of your favorite prose writers, but I'm much more interested to see Trek comics from some of my favorite comics writers.

Too often Trek fans think that comics writing is simply a ghetto industry for people who can't cut it as novelists--and that type of thinking even infects some prose authors (Trek and otherwise) as well. When I was editing for IDW, I even had one prose author approach me at a convention virtually expecting an assignment on the spot, simply because he was a novelist willing to slum it in comics--no pitches in hand, no script samples, nothing. Needless to say, he never understood why I never called him up.
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