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Re: Babylon 5 quotebook is finally here!

Ah, proofreading errors, got it. I'm the sort who doesn't notice those for the most part (though spelling errors bug me).

As for the organization of the quotes, while I wasn't directly involved, I gather that this book was somewhat harder to lay out than the script books or the Chronology book. My understanding was that an effort was made to keep the quotes easy to read on their own while not going to another page to finish the quote whenever possible. There are some occurrances when that couldn't be avoided, but the attempt was made. Since the book wasn't meant to be a definitive "these are all the cool quotes from each episode" book, I think that episode order was less of a consideration to readability.

Remember, if you don't feel that the book is worthwhile to you, there's the 30-day guarantee and I assure you they mean it. Write to and they'll take care of it.

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