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Re: Sell me on Dexter

Ok, the somewhat quick sell on Dexter.

The show does not pull any punches. There is a palpable edge on which you ride with the main character. He is not a vigilante, nor does he think of himself as one

He is a homicidal psychopath, & he knows it. He kills people because he desires killing people, plain & simple. Only though a moral code, which has been instilled in him since childhood, by his step-father (Played brilliantly by James Remar) has he been able to reduce the level of monstrosity that he is, by killing only they who are at least equally monstrous, which he never seems to run out of

The edge, which we ride with him, resides primarily in that he chooses to live almost as dangerously as any murderer can, by continuing to make & hold relations & connections of a ridiculously personal nature, which leaves him exceedingly vulnerable to exposure for what he is, foregoing any discussion about the fact that he works around cops

Still, in all, though the show holds to that taught formula almost religiously, it still manages to not only be genuine, but also heartfelt, clever, ironic, & even funny, while continually maintaining a very firm grasp on the reality of police investigation, psychology of the normal & abnormal mind, interpersonal relations, & life in general

I don't know how long they can maintain the quality of ride they have been, but I'm stll enjoying season three, without exception, even though the show & character continue to grow & find new direction.

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