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Re: How could they evac Pegasus?

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Even undercrewed and with a badly damaged Galactica I would think they would be able to hold off 4 (3 really after the Pegasus destroys one in its surprise attack) Basestars.
Everyone always gets this wrong - Pegasus didn't destroy the basestar when it first arrived.

In a later scene on Pegasus' dradis you can still clearly see four Basestars in combat.

There IS a CGI error in that the shot where Pegasus comes roaring in to the rescue there are only 3 basestars visible, yet we are supposed to believe that all four are fairly close to each other.
Maybe the CGI error is the Dradis? Do they ever show four basestars after the Pegasus reapears? Of course sometimes the CGI people do go a little overboard with destruction, so I suppose it is possible.

Even if it wasn't destroyed it was most likely badly damaged by the Pegasus' forward guns, and had to hang back during the battle to avoid destruction.

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