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Sell me on Dexter

I'm always looking for the next good show to watch on DVD. I'm currently in season 6, part 1 of The Sopranos and will need something to replace it when I'm done. I keep hearing lots of good things about this Dexter show.

Some of the elements of the show that I've heard sound unique and intriguing, however, while I enjoy dark stories and having faults in the main characters, the idea of the protagonist being a serial killer (even of criminals) seems a bit distancing to me. While I enjoy The Sopranos, I wouldn't say I'm as drawn in to the characters as a show like Lost, Heroes, The West Wing, ER, Babylon 5, etc. because the characters are perhaps painted a little too darkly.

I do love mysteries, however, and pre-planned story arcs is always a big plus. Another thing I'm always very wary of is one-hit wonder shows where they get off to an amazing start the first season, gain a large following, but then never really manage to keep that same intensity as things go on. I've seen some comments that season 3 hasn't been as good as the previous two. Is the show still proceeding in a logical, entertaining direction?

As a means of comparison, I'll list some of my other favourite shows - Star Trek (obviously), Babylon 5, Lost, ER, Heroes. Other shows I've collected and enjoy are 24, The Sopranos, Dallas, The X-Files, and Prison Break.

Thanks for your input!
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