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Re: Shatner Calls Takei 'Sick'

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I always got the impression Takei was really hell-bent on his character being 'the captain' and was really sore over that line being deleted from STII. Dude, seriously, get over it. Sulu is not the main character. Even though he finally got his own ship...

The bottom line is, Shat and Takei got into an ego feud that Takei couldn't possibly win.
indeed. I've thought for a long time that Takei gave himself far too much credit for being part of the Star Trek mythos - going on an on about how star trek changed the world and all that nonsense ad nauseum. Then later he goes and starts talking about how so many trek fans wanted the captain sulu series and I'm thinking to myself how convenient that is for someone to push that who has basically had no career.

Anyway, sulu was always a rather dull side character and nothing more - live with it George you don't have the gravitas to be captain - that voyager episode proved it IMO.
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