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Re: Shatner Calls Takei 'Sick'

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If George did not realize this before, I hope he understands now, he (and Sulu) during the original run of the series was at best a 4th banana (to Shatners' top banana/Nimoy's Second banana and De Kelly's third banana). He got lucky that he was kept for the three seasons and then went along for the movie ride. If Shatner's Kirk and Nimoy's Spock (along with Kelly's McCoy) did not ingratiate itself into the American viewers life, his career would have been very limited. Once he realizes this, he should appologize to Shatner for his bad behavior over the years.
If we're counting bananas (insert lame "Gay Sulu" joke here) (ha! "insert"!), Takei was at best co-fifth banana, after Doohan's fourth and along with Nicholls and Koenig (and Nicholls' mini-skirt may give her the edge there, making Takei and Koenig co-sixth bananas).

This post has a week's supply of potassium, btw.
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