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Re: Favorite Current TV Shows

Shows Currently on Air I Watch in Approximate Ranking Order:

1. Battlestar Galactica - One of my favorite shows ever. I still wish it had gotten a fifth season but at least it's getting another TV movie, extended lengths for the last 10/11 episodes and another series of webisodes. I think this is a show people either love or hate (like Enterprise) and I love it. The only thing I am worried about is the ending. It will either make or break the show.
2. Dexter - Great show. Hopefully they will call it quits after Season 5 instead of milking it.
3. Heroes - Season 1 was awesome, Season 2 pretty good, Season 3 great so far. It feels like there are too many storylines going on to fit in a 42 minute show though.
4. House MD - Great show and characters.
5. True Blood - Pretty good so far but I don't think the premise has a lot of depth in it so the show should only go a few seasons. They rely a bit too much on titillation of the audience.
6. The Office - Usually pretty good but I feel like it will go on far too long. Plus I think I am remembering a few times they talked to the camera guy which takes me out of the story. Dwight is a bit annoying these days, just completely stupid sometimes.
7. Family Guy - It was Good/Great for the first four seasons but nowadays is either great or horrible. This season has had two awful episodes and one almost excellent one. I love the characters except Cleveland so that makes up for some of the less than great scripts. Honestly, if it doesn't have some great episodes this season I might make it my last.
8. Pushing Daisies - I like the characters but I feel the show isn't going anywhere plot wise and it's becoming a bit too fluffy.
9. American Dad! - Consistently better than Family Guy but I just don't care about the characters or even like any of them that much.
10. Reno 911! - Only occasionally funny these days. Not even sure if it's coming back for a sixth season but it hasn't been cancelled yet so it's likely. I wouldn't miss it if it ended now though. I would actually be glad it couldn't get any worse. Plus I HATE it when they talk to the cameraman -- takes me right out of the episode.
11. Degrassi: The Next Generation - I seriously might stop watching this soon. Should have ended after season 7 or done a college spinoff with the original characters instead of sidelining them.

My problem is I keep watching TV shows even when their quality goes to crap. I just can't stand not knowing how the story ends.

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