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Re: Shatner Calls Takei 'Sick'

Split personality on this one:

The a$$hole in me wants to write () that this all must have been the product of Big Daddy Shat spurning a rakish young Sulu back in the TOS 1960s ('Um, Bill, I think have some trouble with my own 'tribbles' -- can you take a look?'

The un-pc part of me wants to write that, quite frankly, it was a little lame for Takei to come out of the closet so late in the game. Seriously, grow a pair: I can see someone being quiet about it back when, but not in the last few decades. 'Coming out' in the early 21st century at 70+ years of age smacked of attention seeking behavior (something Shatner is also clearly prone to). It also speaks to the possibility of Takei having some larger issues, which might be manifesting here - seriously, although Shatner is going to get pummeled for these comments, staying in the closet for 70 years is going to screw you up.

The mature part of me wants to write that I completely agree with the poster above me: these are both old men who have had long and relatively successful careers and, like it or not, have a fair share of common memories and experiences, if only through the fact that they've worked together for years (despite Shatner's attempt to downplay 'a few movies'). It's ridiculous for them to be holding grudges - either of them - or for them to be airing this out in public, via videos, youtube, etc. I always thought that you became less petty (and more mature) when you entered your 'golden years' ... apparently not.
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