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Re: Favorite Current TV Shows

I'm a bit disappointed with the fall season so far, but my favs are:

Gossip Girl (my guilty pleasure)
The Office

I'm also watching/still into:

CSI: Miami
Heroes--I agree with a co-worker who calls it pretentious but am still mostly enjoying it, even if I think some things about it (structure, going into the future, constantly introducing new characters) are tired
House--still good, but the cases are getting harder to follow and the formula feels a bit tired
Grey's Anatomy--still haven't seen the eps beyond the premiere of the season, but it doesn't seem quite as gripping as it once was. Still good though.
Mad Men--I think I appreciate it more than I love it, but an excellently produced show

Fringe--After four episodes, it hasn't hooked me. I liked the premiere but lost interest steadily each week

Put me to sleep twice:
Eleventh Hour--and yet, Rufus Sewell keeps me coming back.

Have taped but have yet to watch:
Life on Mars
The Ex-List
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