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Re: Favorite Current TV Shows

Well shows that are still in production should still count, but of the ones that are airing this fall...

1. Dexter - OMG perfection.
2. Heroes - the fun is back!
3. Chuck - very glad I decided to start watching. Charming and hilarious.
4. Pushing Daisies - I think they need to take this to the next level in terms of solid, dramatic conflict. The way the ratings have been going, maybe they shouldn't bother.
5. Mad Men - very artsy and elegant, tho a bit inert compared with S1.
6. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - frakkin hilarious and I can't wait to see what those nutbags do with sci fi in Going Boldly Nowhere.
7. Prison Break - it's lost its unique identity and is just a generic thriller now, but the fun characters are still enough to keep me watching.
8. My Own Worst Enemy - hard to tell right now, but it seems to have potential
9. SG:A - blergh, but I'm still watching, which is more than I can say for #10 on the list because there is no #10.

When 30 Rock comes back, I'll pick that back up, but this has been a lousy year for new shows. Only one has interested me and even then only marginally.
Sylar's "redemption", while pretty left-field, is pretty interesting.
I think it's interesting too but how can it be "left field" when I've been continually yammering since S1 that that's where they'll take the character if they keep him (and considering how popular he became and the PR value of Quinto's role as Spock, it was obvious they'd keep him). And it was foreshadowed beginning in the early S1 episodes, so it's not at all unexpected for either in-story or real-world reasons.
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