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Re: Favorite Current TV Shows

I tend to put my shows in to groups. When I get ahold of a new episode it's a case of "must watch now!", "watching that tonight" or "watch when I get time". I'm going to ignore the "nothing that's not on the air right this minute rule" as otherwise I would be posting a very short list.

Must watch now! - Lost, Battlestar Galactica

Watching that tonight - Heroes (if I'd posted this yesterday it would be in the top group but this week's final scene really hurt the show for me), Stargate: Atlantis

Watch when I get time - Smallville (I usually watch Smallville and Stargate together as a pair), The Simpsons (I Sky+ episodes I haven't seen that I spot in the planner), Mythbusters (I've only just discovered this show so I'm watching loads of random older episodes on Discovery Science), NASA's Greatest Missions

Add to that Star Wars: Clone Wars, WWE and Top Gear and that's all I watch in terms of entertainment programming.
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