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Favorite Current TV Shows

What are your favorite TV shows on the air right now? That means no 24, LOST, Galactica, or Doctor Who. I'm putting sit-coms in a separate category from the drama/action shows since they're completely different animals.

#8 SHIELD: It's exciting to see the story drawing to a close but it hasn't been particularly epic so far. I prefer S4-5.
#7 FRINGE: Walter Bishop and son are a hoot, but the rest is turgid and pretentious, particularly the awful lead character.
#6 PUSHING DAISIES: the show is cute and amusing but I really don't see how much longer they can drag this non-story along.
#5 C.S.I.: only two episodes so far but they were good ones And I'm interested in the forthcoming appearance of Morpheus!
#4 TERMINATOR: This season has definitely been an improvement.
#3 PRISON BREAK: I've always enjoyed this show, and I'm glad to see they're wrapping up the story and going directly after the Company. Plus this season has lots of expensive looking on-location action!
#2 HEROES: This is definitely my favorite season. Lots of powers, lots of villains, lots of action. The new characters are very interesting, particularly Gateway and the Flash-ess. And Sylar's "redemption", while pretty left-field, is pretty interesting. Not happy about how Mohinder is being treated, though, he's one of my favorite characters or used to be anyhow.
#1 CLONE WARS: ah, nostalgia. and much better than I thought it was going to be. Sure the droids are asinine, but Ashoka is much less annoying than in the movie, and the action is pure classic Star Wars. New Star Wars every Friday night. Me likey!

HONORABLE MENTION: I'm just now watching Chuck Season One on DVD and I'm loving it, but I'm not watching it live. It's a lot of fun though!

God, I can't even rank the sit-coms really.

NEW CHRISTINE: again only on DVD but it's cute.
BIG BANG THEORY: only saw S1 on DVD so far, and while it's no classic it was pretty amusing.
TWO AND A HALF MEN: again only on DVD but its occasionally hilarious.
KING OF THE HILL: always amusing
AMERICAN DAD: certainly the bastard child of Seth McFarlane but can be funny.
SIMPSONS: I still like it! Not as much of course but its still worth watching.
SUNNY IN PHILLY: sometimes this is the funniest show on TV, but then they'll do a bunch of just "ok" episodes.

MY NAME IS EARL: This show has always been excellent; I loved the S3 prison storyline but its great to get back to the original premise now.
THE OFFICE: excellent show, excellent humor, excellent characters.
HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER: unfortunately I only get to see it on DVD but I absolutely love this show. So hilarious, love the characters, love the crazy story structure and foreshadowing and callbacks.
SOUTH PARK: this show has always been great, though the spring batch of episodes were just "good". I've enjoyed both of the recent ones so far.
FAMILY GUY: always hilarious though increasingly self-indulgent

Once 30 ROCK goes back on the air in a week it will go back to the top of my list!

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