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Re: How could they evac Pegasus?

philbob wrote: View Post
The Galactica for the first time in the show is actually near full crew strength after absorbing the Pegasus crew.
Yeah that's why it bothered me when they did an episode where the deck crew is very overworked, I would think that if anything they had too many people after getting the Pegasus crew.

nx1701g wrote: View Post
I had always assumed that the Pegasus - as well as Galactica because of the settlement and mass retirements - was operating with a skeleton crew. They said in an episode (I think it was Pegasus' Extended Cut) that the ship could function with only a few people aboard as needed. It would also explain why Pegasus was so easily destroyed.
Well Lee evacuated most of his people (along with his Vipers/most of his Raptors and imagine as many supplies as he could) to the remaining civilian fleet before returning to New Caprica. Only a few Raptors left the Pegasus before it was destroyed, but I imagine his full crew even after a year at New Caprica was at least a few hundred (with Battlestar Wiki putting the normal crew size at about 1,700).

If he had brough his full crew I bet they could of done damage control and saved the Pegasus, though he was playing it safe because he didn't know how many Basestars the Cylons brought in to help. If it had been 6 or 8 instead of 4 both Battlestars really would of been screwed, especially since Galactica's Vipers were helping defend the civilians.

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