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Re: If not MAN TRAP..then what

If I could choose any first season episode, I'd go with Charlie X or The Enemy Within, both of which feature enough technology and "strange worlds" sensibilities to sell the show as intelligent sci fi. They are also strongly Kirk-centered, and regardless of the revisionism later, it's obvious in the early episodes that he's the focus of the show. Balance of Terror would be a good action-oriented episode to jumpstart the series, but it relies less on the sci-fi premise and more on the war movie formula to create its primary drama.

By the time WNMHGB airs, I would have hoped that they could have filmed a brief framing sequence to show that the episode predates the five-year mission -- perhaps with a segment showing Kirk in the present day addressing a group of cadets on the perils that might await them or receiving yet another commendation and delivering it to the family of Gary Mitchell.
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