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Re: Superman 2-Donner cut

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After viewing this, one gets the sense that while Lester was faithful and comfortable using Donner material, Michael Thau and his team were extremely disrespectful towards anything filmed by Lester. The best scenes in The Donner Cut are the ones lifted relatively intact from the released version of Superman II. That includes the moon sequence and the diner sequence, not ironically, both were filmed by Donner. But anything else from that movie filmed by Lester is re-edited in such a hasty fashion, that it now makes Lester seem like a ham fisted know nothing. While Lester honored the Donner material, Lester here is thrown under the bus. [...] They should have used more of Lester's footage, but probably had too much pride to admit that.
I agree. And while on the subject, the more I think about it, the more upset I get with Michael Thau's hatchet job on Lester & the Salkinds in all the making of documentaries. He accepts the word of Donner & co. as gospel, disregarding the fact that their version of events doesn't really make sense. I'm far more inclined to believe the Salkinds, who say that it was Donner's choice to not come back to finish Superman II. Or rather, Donner put an unacceptable condition on his returning (i.e. demanding that the Salkinds fire Pierre Spengler) that the Salkinds were unwilling to fulfill.
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