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Re: HULK....SMASH!!!!

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for me,

ang lee movie = better bruce banner
The Incredible Hulk = better hulk
I agree 100%, there was once upon time I thought the Ang Lee version wasn't up to much, I thought it was disappointing
but after seeing the Louis Leterrier version full of action but very hollow on subject matter I think Lee's version stands up very well today.
Lee's version was the better movie. Every recast, even Banner, was better in LEE's. William Hurt is way out of his element here. Liv Taylor couldn't act if she tried. And, in my opinion, Bana's Banner was more believable.

Hulk 2008 barely beat Lee's Hulk at the box office....and because of the failure of Hulk 08 I doubt there will be a hulk 3...

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