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Re: Section 31...

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The novels have had a field day with Section 31. Off the top of my head, they have said that the events of Insurrection and the TOS episode The Enterprise Incident were Section 31 operations.
So was that whole thing in ST 6.

And Admiral Pressman was obviously Section 31 as well. It's not in a novel that I'm aware of, but...he just *acts* like Section 31.

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It does make sence that the Federation would have it's own Internal Intelligence Branch. The Romulans have the Tal-Shair, and the Cardassians have the Obsidian Order. It would seem to me that it would be a bit nieve for the Federation to not have internal security of it own.
They do, although I believe it's a part of Starfleet. The difference is, Starfleet Intelligence is an entirely legal, above-board, open organization, with government oversight. They must answer to the Starfleet chain of command, and to the Federation at large.

Section 31, on the other hand, answers TO NO ONE. Not even the Federation President! They are totally secret, totally amoral. Organizations like that have no business existing.
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