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Re: House 5x05 "Lucky Thirteen" - Discussion and Spoilers

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Why was House upset at Cuddy's news?
I'd say a combo of him not being asked to try and father her child and not being asked to be a reference. Can't say I blame Cuddy for the latter.

Excellent episode, titillation aside (which was great -BTW .

It was fun seeing House and Wilson back in regular form.


I love 13.

I still kind of like Argyle Sock PI guy. I think his series will be interesting if/when he gets it.

POTW was an intersting story and her and 13 had some good, touching, and warm scenes together. (Again, titillation aside.)

I'm still "hoping" for a turn-around on 13's Hutchingtons diagnosis. Either a (completely fictional) cure, discovery that her tests have been false positives or House discovering she has some other condition that caused false positives.

I did note that when House cut the onion that HIS eyes didn't tear up. And he should've cut a red-onion. Those tend to be a bit more potent.

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