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Re: How could they evac Pegasus?

My guess is Lee would have left behind as many crew as possible, leaving even less than a skeleton crew aboard.

As he left all the Vipers behind, they didn't need many deckhands other than the minimum to launch the raptors, perhaps not even that if raptors could operate the deck elevators remotely. The weapons as shown in Razor are all designed to be fired from the CIC, unless damaged and requiring manual targeting, so he could risk leaving gun crews behind too.

Then the engineering crew, though also from Razor with the networking it's possible at a pinch that engineering could also be handled from the CIC. Add to that possibly a minimum of combat-medics to handle battle casualties.

Pegasus would probably have not been able to fight a prolonged battle under those circumstances, but would be able to accomplish her mission - distract the Cylons to allow the Galactica and the civvies to escape.

I do however disagree with Admiral Adama's statement - I think Lee knew that the risks to the Pegasus were tremendous, so planned for her not to return, but still hoped that she could have pulled through. Though not mentioned on-screen, I suspect Pegasus's FTL was damaged (seems that the FTL is a prime target for both Cylons and Colonials), and once that happened, without a full engineering crew to attempt repairs, all Lee could do was cause as much damage he could for as long as possible before finally abandoning ship.
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