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Re: Superman 2-Donner cut

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Although I also don't like the end of Superman turning back time again!
Yeah, this bothered me in the Donner cut too. It makes me wonder what we are missing from the shooting script. In I, he turns the world back because he's depressed over Lois dying. In this version, there's no good reason for it, other than the novelty of seeing Perry's toothpaste in reverse. But, they say that this movie is the closest they can come to Donner's original vision, so, what are we still missing?
Allow me to explain this. Superman the movie and Superman II were originally one script. In this script, the turning back time device was used as the ending. When the massive script was broken into two pieces, it was decided to move the ending of the original script and make it the ending of the first film. Donner was shooting the pieces of II he had when he was fired, before a proper ending was written.

So there isn't really a Donner ending to II, so he just decided to make the cut as it would have been as part of a larger story.

as for my view, I agree with everyone that the Lester film is superior, but we have to realise that judging it aganist the Donner cut is extremely unfair. The Donner cut is NOT a complete film. It is ultimately made from an incomplete script, and uses screentests to fill in certain bits. I don't think we can properly judge how good a Donner II would've been, had he been able to reshoot certain scenes and finish everything himself.

That said, I like the Lester version fine. It's a fun movie with good action and some emotional highs.
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